Women’s Ministry

Seek, with God’s help, victory over the present stranglehold of sin. 

 The Gospel sets free through Christ’s overcoming power, and there is a walk of victory and an abundant life. 
 God’s Word presents to us as mothers, wives, and sisters a way to live for the Lord and positively affect our family and world.


The best support group is a good Bible preaching church. If you are in Prince Albert, we invite you to Prince Albert Baptist. We will seek to work with you through the spiritual and life challenges you are facing.


We believe that the Bible has the answers to all of life’s questions. With one-on-one and group discussions we search the Scriptures to find and apply those answers to our lives.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing

We work to follow the teachings of the Bible, and there we find the forgiveness, love, acceptance, value, and confidence we need to live each day.