Finding Strength When You’re Running Low

We live in a society that places great demands on our time. With full time jobs to work, houses to maintain, and a family to care for, it can become very difficult to keep all of the balls in the air. Many people begin to feel overwhelmed, struggling with the feeling that they just can’t handle it all.


When our strength is running low and rest just doesn’t seem enough to keep us on our feet, the Lord provides us with the blessed hope that He will sustain us.


Isaiah 40:31 says:

 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”


Waiting on the Lord is a concept we find very difficult. When we feel at the end of our rope, we want deliverance now, and when faced with being patient on God’s timing, we often become frustrated and begin to doubt the sincerity of God’s promises. However, God’s provision comes in His time.


But waiting on the Lord is far more than putting in time with the hope of a desired outcome. To wait on the Lord is to trust our Heavenly Father’s Word with the fervent expectation that when He has accomplished His purpose in our lives that He will renew our strength. The hope of this renewing carries with it many blessings which far outweigh the frustration of waiting.

Throughout the Bible, we see the image repeated of “eagles’ wings.” This reference is often symbolic in nature, referring to God’s deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt in Exodus 19. In Isaiah 40:31, wings like eagles is indicative of a correlation between this majestic, powerful bird and the faithfulness of God’s people. For those who place their hope and trust in God, there is a blessed and expected end.


The term “mount up” is taken from the Hebrew word “alah” which translates to “to go up, to ascend, to go up over a boundary.” This important choice of words communicates that the strength that God provides is sufficient to face any obstacle which stands in our way. Isaiah makes use of the same language from Exodus 19:1-6 as a powerful reminder to the children of Israel that God delivered them in the past, and He will be faithful to provide that same deliverance again.

As followers of Christ today, this precious verse is still applicable to our lives. If we choose to believe in God’s promises and wait on His timing, He will provide the renewing we need to face the challenges that lie ahead of us. This refreshing comes in far greater reserves than we could have expected and is well worth the wait since it prepares us to face the future. We don’t have to struggle when God has provided the opportunity for us to soar.  Waiting on God’s perfect timing is the path that leads to His richest reward.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead of you, you can find encouragement in the knowledge that trusting in God’s process will ultimately yield the strength that you need. Hope and help can be found through the prayers of God’s people who offer the assurance of God’s faithfulness to fulfill His Word. Though there are struggles, God also promises to bring deliverance through His renewing. In the mean time, the fellowship of God’s people is a balm to the heart of the hurting.


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