Is There a Cost for Discipleship?

A vital part of the Christian life is growing in Jesus.  Many believers are surprised to discover that following Christ can be a painful process that requires both fortitude and sacrifice. Growth involves change, and change is never easy for us.


The Bible teaches us in Luke 14:33:

“So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.”


When we accept Christ as our Saviour, the next step is to begin the discipleship process. Though being saved requires little of us beyond faith and acceptance of Jesus’ atonement on the cross for our sins, true discipleship demands a high price. While we will not lose our salvation if we fail to renounce the things of this world in pursuit of holiness and a right relationship with God, the stubborn refusal to do so hinders our growth and robs us of some of the richest blessings of a close walk with our Lord.


There are many costs to be considered along the road to discipleship. Though we are not all called to give up our houses, our jobs, or our families to follow Christ, we must be willing to do so. The path of a disciple is not an easy road. Many difficulties are encountered along the way. Our willingness to follow is continually tested, and we are often called upon to give up the comforts and preferences of our previously established lives in pursuit of a higher calling.


There are many aspects of our lives that can stand in the way of becoming a disciple. The key to following Christ to experience real growth in Him can be found in these important steps:

  • Letting go of sin and actively seeking God’s righteousness
  • Letting go of our own opinions to instead embrace Bible truths
  • Letting go of our own ambitions to embrace God’s will for our lives
  • Letting go for any friends that drag us down to embrace the new friends that God supplies
  • Letting go of material possessions to embrace a change of focus on seeking first the kingdom of God
  • Letting go of old activities to embrace new activities that promote a thriving relationship with God and an opportunity to tell others of His great love
  • Letting go of past habits to embrace a new way of life


Many times we make the mistake of viewing the discipleship road as a list of things we need to give up instead of as an opportunity for growth and a deeper relationship with our Lord. God never asks us to sacrifice something dear to us without the promise of the provision of something far better. The blessings in store for us far outmeasure the temporary pleasure of the things we are asked to leave behind to follow Christ.


Is there a cost for discipleship? Yes, there is. But there is also a great reward for our willingness to leave behind the things of this world and follow Christ.


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